All day gaming session

Lately, there haven't been too many games that I've just wanted to sit down and spend the whole day playing. Well, yesterday, I put a massive dent into Dark Souls 3.

It's a lot less likely nowadays for me to have gaming sessions like that, but it is really nostalgic to still be able to experience it. I think what makes it a bit more likely for me at this point is the completionist brain: I want to do EVERYTHING in the game. One downside is that I lose a bit of the sense of exploration, as I use a guide to help me find things that I miss in my general playthrough. And in Dark Souls, it means I'm going to powerlevel, making future challenges trivial.

I've nearly completed the base game now, with one optional boss and the final boss to go. So I've moved onto the DLC and have felt a lot more of a challenge, just from the general mobs (though, I think it's because they mob spam you and give them massive health boosts). I'm not too upset with it, as I've been craving the challenge, given the powerleveling I had done.

Today I'll probably finish both DLCs, but I'll also be sure to be more productive around the house first.

(P.S. I did write a post yesterday, but it was identical in purpose to kitty, almost word for word. I completely forgot I wrote it already. My bad)

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