Is it just a phase?

It's coming up on three months since I started my website and my deep dive into privacy. I've read three books and countless blog posts. I'm using Linux as my daily driver. I'm getting those around me to start using Signal. My messages to myself are encrypted with PGP. I've learned about uBlock Origin and uMatrix, and have blocked most third party requests and javascript. Even after doing all of these and more, my daily experience is still good.

Going into this deep dive, I operated under the assumption that I would make all of these 'drastic' changes, but would eventually grow bored and go back to my usual ways. Success for me would have been gaining one or two new habits. However, I haven't experienced a great deal of inconvenience.

Most inconveniences have been on the initial setup. Getting my phone flashed with a custom OS was a headache. Dual booting my laptop was 3 headaches. Learning how to verify PGP signatures took half a day of practice. But now that I've incorporated them into my daily routines, it's easier than I would have expected.

I feel great knowing that I'm more secure and private. And even better now that I have an understanding of how the principles behind the practices work. There's still a ton to learn, but I'm excited to dive in.

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