I got to experience first hand how many people just don't wear masks when they go out, and it is terrifying. Yesterday I went to get groceries at what I thought was an 'off' time, but wound up being the busiest I've ever seen this grocery store. As I walked in, I saw almost everyone walking around without masks. No social distancing being done, and people coming in with their family of five.

This is at the time where the past 3 days, our county has been posting record numbers of COVID-19 cases. Unfortunately, the general public here just doesn't seem to care about their safety or the safety of others. I was probably a bit too optimistic and ignorant of the problem, but seeing things myself really put things into perspective that as individuals worried about the virus, we need to do more to protect ourselves; masks are meant to prevent the spread from us to others, social distancing requires others to play along and respect the space. Really the only thing currently to protect ourselves is quarantining as much as possible.

As much as I've enjoyed the products and prices at this store, I'm going to need to stop shopping there for the time being. Seeing one of their few employees walking around and handling items without gloves or a mask was the final straw. I doubt there's a single store in the area that doesn't allow this, but I'll at least look around to see. Regardless of what I find, I will go back to doing grocery pickup to avoid the mass, uncaring public.

Y'all be safe. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Respect those around you.

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