Put your money where your mouth is

I was talking with a few colleagues the past week about activism and where I'm currently at. And the main thing that has sat with me is how I'm not going to be content with just having an opinion anymore. As beneficial as it is to have solidarity in spirit, it means little to me if I just sit still with it.

One of the easiest things for me is providing financial support. Though I'm not where I'd like to be financially, it isn't that difficult for me to donate to different causes on occasion. My current strategy is to make smaller donations more frequently rather than larger ones, primarily because there are so many different organizations I want to support. In order to support the unrest in this country, I had seen large amounts of support for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit helping post bail for low-income citizens that have been arrested. When going to their website, there are three other charities they recommend donating to. I decided on North Star Health Collective. COVID-19 is going to unfortunately harm several protesters, so the more resources and knowledge out there to prevent it, the better. In addition, the general community will need the support as well.

However, donating does not quench my desire to help. It's too passive, and I don't like just “buying” a way to support. Large crowds are too overwhelming for me, so protesting is unlikely to be an option. But I've found a local organization that helps provide mutual-aid to my community. Though smaller in scope, I'm able to leave the impact I want. Though opportunities are few and far between due to COVID, it's a good start for me, given my personal limitations.

I am not aiming for any form of recognition through these things. But doing this is bringing a significant change to how I view myself as a person. I am doing what I believe is right, and it is making me more proud of myself than I could have ever expected.

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